What the heck is a Postpartum Doula?

What the heck is a Postpartum Doula? This is the most common question I get asked. At least people are aware of what a doula is, so progress is happening in our nowadays world.

If you look up the definition of postpartum it is the period of time after giving birth. This will be enough evidence to let you learn that this word does not refer to feelings, emotions, or someone’s well being. So put two and two together and a Postpartum Doula is a doula who supports families during the postpartum stage. Which again, is the period of time after giving birth to a child.

Picture of a kanaka maoli mom who just gave birth and is doing skin to skin with her baby. Her baby has a crocheted hat on and a blanket covering her. The picture is in black and white. This is a mom in the postpartum stage. PC: Captivating Creations Photography

Many people commonly mistake the word postpartum for postpartum depression, but remember the definition of postpartum? They are not the same things. Postpartum Depression refers to the onset of depression or depressive symptoms during the postpartum stage. A Postpartum Doula, like myself, is trained to recognize symptoms of postpartum depression and postpartum mood disorders. Therefore Postpartum Doula’s can greatly benefit families who are experiencing any postpartum mood disorder symptoms.

As a Postpartum Doula I offer non judgmental, non medical support to my clients. I assist them in having a smooth transition in adding a baby/ies into their family.

Mother’s and/or Ohana’s who are struggling with postpartum mood disorders (ppmd) do find value in having postpartum support. However you don’t have to have a PPMD to hire a postpartum doula and have support. Mother’s and Ohana’s who are not struggling with a PPMD can still reap the benefits of postpartum doula support.

ALL OHANA’s can benefit from postpartum doula’s. All Ohana’s can hire postpartum doula’s!

If you are mother, mother-to-be or family-to-be on the island of Oahu you can count on me for postpartum support!

Terms to remember:
Postpartum: The period of time after giving birth.
Postpartum Depression: The onset of depression or depressive symptoms during the postpartum period.
Postpartum Doula: A doula trained to give mothers, babies and families non-medical support in the postpartum stage.

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