Honestly, the number one question I get or read online is……I’m having a baby. Do I really need a Tula?

Well I’m here to tell you that no, you don’t need a Tula. You also don’t need a Kinderpack, or Beco carrier. The point I’m trying to get across is that although Tula’s and other brands out there are awesome……there are also other carrier brands that are amazing too. I can say this with great confidence because ::cough cough:: I’ve tried them all, or 90% of them. Name a brand, I’ve probably tried it.

See, I’ve been in the babywearing world for about 3 years now and I am what they call a churner. I buy a carrier, and then I trade or sell for another brand to try. It is a problem that I am getting over *enter sighing husband haha.*

Anyway, let’s get to the point. What brands of soft structured carriers are out there and good for my needs and more importantly, BABIES needs. Well, get your notebooks out, or you can screenshot this ? I am only going over INFANT options in this post; standard and toddler options are coming in another post.

Infant Options:

Above I created links for each carrier so that you can have a chance for yourself to check them out. Everything I am about to write below is purely opinion; my opinion. Please try these carriers to develop your own ?

-Beco Gemini: This carrier is so cool for a newborn to baby stage. It cinches with snaps and is very easy to use. You can use it like a regular SSC or you can cross the straps in the back for more support. As baby gets older and has neck control, baby can face out forward for 10-15 minute spurts.

-Beco Soleil with Insert: You have to put baby in the insert first then bring them into the carrier. Pretty simple to do, takes some learning curve. It could be found a little hot because of the extra fabric with insert.

-Liliebaby All Seasons: This carrier also cinches but you don’t need to do that until baby hits the infant stage. You can froggy leg in the carrier from the very beginning, which I find very fascinating and convenient.

-Kinderpack Infant Size: Such a smart way to make an infant carrier as it uses buckle cinching to make the seat small or big enough for baby. It is a fascinating carrier and can also be worn as regular straps or cross straps.

-Tula Standard with Infant Insert: A good carrier that with an infant, you must put them in an insert first. It is very simple to use just like some mentioned above. You cannot cross the straps, but I like the ease of how you tighten your straps on this one. I find the infant insert jutting out more than I like. This carrier does not cinch.

-Ergo Standard  with insert: Again, a great carrier that can be commonly  found at most baby stores. It is very simplistic. I find it light weight and comfortable. You will have to use the insert for quite some time as this carrier does not cinch.

-Ergo 360 with insert: Enter above verbiage. Except, this carrier CINCHES. It has buttons on the front that allow you to cinch the seat so that once baby outgrows the insert, they can sit nicely in the seat available.  As baby gets older and has neck control, baby can face out forward for 10-15 minute spurts.

-Emeibaby: This is a hybrid carrier and has quite a bit of a learning curve. But it is a great carrier that will allow you to use from newborn to even toddler. Honestly, please watch the video on their site to understand how it works better. Typing it out will only confuse you.

-Catbird Baby Pikkolo – Another carrier that does allow you to wear baby from birth and up. These straps can be worn regularly or cross if preferred. Some may call it the Mei Tai of buckles. I’ve only gotten to try it once, but I hear many good things.

-Infantino Options: These options are easily accessible at many stores. They are also budget friendly. You may find that baby outgrows these pretty quickly though. They are good options if you need something fast since they are so easily found. Some of these carriers may allow forward facing out as an option, so as baby gets older and has neck control, baby can face out forward for 10-15 minute spurts.

I hope that this post helps you learn about some more options on the carriers out there. You should know that there is no bad choice, and no better choice than the other. You have to find the carrier that truly fits your wants and needs, and babies wants and needs once they arrive.

If you do have questions please email me at : wearingandcaring@gmail.com

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