What is Bengkung Belly Binding?

Bengkung belly binding is the process of using a long piece of cloth to wrap a women’s belly during the postpartum stage. It is used for physical support and to help quicken the recovery process after birth.  The bind is wrapped around the abdomen from the tip of the pelvic bone up to the rib cage. Traditionally women are wrapped as soon as possible after birth for 40 days or longer. Bengkung belly binding is rooted in and from Malaysian culture.


Supports abdomen wall healing (support/assist diastasis recti recovery)

Provides support for overall posture

Helps uterus shrink down to size and organs go back into pre-pregnancy position

Helps to stabilize loose ligaments

Can relieve lower back aches/strains

Can prevent slouching while feeding or holding your baby

Image of a kanaka maoli mom who is breastfeeding her baby. She is wearing her benkung belly bind over her cheetah printed dress. She is smiling at her baby while taking a selfie in a mirror. This shows how you can use the belly bind at any stage postpartum.

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Application Video Tutorial

Tips Video Tutorial

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